Custom T-shirts – a lovely & personalised gift idea

It is well known that clothes represent much that something you put on to cover your body and to protect you from cold (or very hot) weather – clothes say a lot about who we are, what we like, what we aspire to become, what we believe in, where we’ve been, what we celebrate and many more. 

We choose outfits that we like – from colour, size, fabric, and we sometimes make gifts for others as well (assuming we know them pretty well, otherwise they will end up keeping that item on a bottom of a drawer and never use it). 

With the popularization of jeans (with a multitude of colours and shapes) came the large usage of T-shirt as well. Why? Because they are easy to wear, comfortable, easy to wash and go very well with jeans, just to name a few advantages. 

But they go a lot further than this, because you can become a fashion creator and make your personalized T-shirt, that represents you, who you are and what you like perfectly (or someone else, who matters to you). 

Where can you do such a thing? On a custom T-shirt design website, of course. Have you heard of okTSHIRT? The creators are Liliana and Christian, two young ambitious people who put their skills on paper and created a beautiful business through which they offer quality products to their customers.

OkTSHIRT can create any custom T-shirt and personalize it with logo (for small business), with text, message or pictures, on one or both sides. 

For example, for Halloween you can create your own T-shirt – you can add a pumpkin, some scary bloody picture, a creepy message, a witch, or any other thing that makes you get into this holiday mood. 

But Christmas is just around the corner – don’t miss your chance to make some lovely surprise to those loved ones – parents, grandparents, your significant other, siblings or children. I’m sure they will appreciate the gift more, once they will realize the effort and time you put into choosing the perfect gift for them. For example, I would create my own Christmas football team, with all of my family members – I would put their names and a number on the back, I would add a few Christmas decorations, and on the front, I haven’t decided yet – maybe a Christmas tree, last year’s family photo, a funny name for the team and the ideas could be endless. 

For Valentine’s a see a shy guy making the courage to ask the girl he likes to be his Valentine, with a nice gift – a T-shirt with a heart on one side and “Would you be my Valentine?” message on the other. 

Even Easter can bring a lot of T-shirt gifts – with Easter bunnies or coloured eggs. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, other important achievements – they can all be the source for a heart-made present. But they don’t have to be only presents for others, you can make your own custom T-shirt order to mark an important milestone for you. Or to create a T-shirt that’s perfect for the season. Or put that book quote you love so much. Or … you fill in the blanks. 

I hope I offered you some inspiration with the article below and that you’ll be tempted to take a look on the website and see if there’s anything you like. I’m sure it will be, because I’ve also set my mind on a few cool pieces. 🙂

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